Outer Space Audio Distortion

Hello, fellow Unity Users! I am having a bit of a problem…You see, I need my audio(Gun Shots, Footsteps, Ambience, etc…)to sound as if the player was in outer space. Take, Halo: Reach, for example, in some of the missions, the player is in space and he has low gravity and all the sounds are like the player was submerged underwater.(I now how to add the low gravity! I just need help with the audio!) I need this effect! Please could someone tell me what to do? Is there a feature already in Unity that allows such a thing? Or is a script required? I am intermediate with UnityScript. I know NOTHING of C#…Thanks!

I don’t know if you can take an ordinary sound effect and make it sound like that inside unity. You can use audio reverbations zones, but I guess that won’t give you the result you’re looking for. The simplest thing to to would probably be to use sounds that already have that effect, or edit your sounds in an external program and then use them in unity as ordinary sound effects.