Outline Shader w/ Handdrawn "Wiggle" effect?

Hi there, my game uses 3D geometry and some of it wiggles as if the edges were hand drawn and animated. Right now, I achieve it through literally handdrawing lines along the edges of the object’s UV map. I do this 3 more times and divide the texture into 4 equal slices like a sprite atlas and I animate the offset with a coroutine. Here it is on a couple cubes:
alt text
This works well, but I have to repeat this process per every new shape (which needless to say is a huge pain), and I can’t change scale with out warping the line scale too. The other problem is that the entire UV needs to animate its offset, causing the none outlined texture to animate as well. So what I really need is an outline shader that can randomly change width variations at runtime. Any Ideas? Thanks for reading!

@belamessex love the effect.
Did you ever figure it out ?