Outline Toonshader and Smoothing Angle Issue


i try to use the build in Toony-BasicOutline shader, on simple Cubes.

The outline only works correct if i set the Smoothing Angles of My Cube at least to 90. But then i loose the clear edges of my Cube.

As i understand the Outline Shader works in the way that the non visible vertex are transform away frpm the object and get a diferent color. Is it possible to scale these vertex a bit so there are no gaps between them? Or is there another possibility to use the Outline Shader correctly, and dont loose my clear edges of my Cube.

SO becouse i dont get an answer i show you how i solved this issue.

Now i dont use the Toon shader at all.

I copy the whole Mesh into a new GameObject. Scale the Mesh a little, and using the shader discriped in this Question.


Now i have an perfect Outline around a clear edged cube.

I found it better a solution with this approach (Pro only, uses Image Effects):

Than a toon shader ( angle issues ) and an scale approach (this only works if the origin of the geometry is in the same point as its centroid).