Output Game View to 3 projectors connected to PC

Hello, I started using Unity a month ago for a project in my University and now I have a project where the game must be output to 3 projectors.

To get the idea of the room, there are 3 projectors forming the upper half of the hexagon


/  \

just to get a rough idea, but their edges are close to each other without space in between.

The desktop i have works just fine with these ( i have 3 monitors and each monitor represents a projector wall, whatever this monitor shows is visible through the projector ) but i have to use Unity now and the game view must be extended Full screen to the whole area.

Is there any way i can do this through Unity ? Or anythign outside i can try to get the result i want ?

edit (moved from answer)
I think i wasn’t clear enough.

I have my setup working as wanted with Windows 7. My 3 monitors works as extensions to the desktop with the normal windows etc.

What i want is Unity to fill all 3 monitors when in full screen instead of just the one it’s inside. Something like eyefinity. The game should be played across the 3 monitors.

I hope now that it is clear.

I have read your links btw but i already have the setup ready as i said.

Thanks in advance.

Something like http://www.amazon.com/dp/B003IE49T8/?gclid=CNDY0Yeaiq4CFacbQgodW1Aa3g


You’ll want to make sure that the screen resolution is the full width of all monitors, not a collection of individual monitors. There used to be a very cool 1-to-3 adaptor which made this all very easy, can’t seem to find it.