Overcoming Mesh Vertices Limit

I am looking into using this game engine as a means of visualization. I have been messing around with Unity for only a few days, but see (in the free version) messages stating that there is 64k vertices limit on a mesh.

May questions are:

1- Is this also a limit for the paid version 2- If so, how are other people getting high vertices/polycount models into Unity. For

example, I have seen youtube videos comparing Unity and C4 using some massive million+
spaceship model.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Yes, this limit is also in the paid version, and the only way to get around it is to split you object into multiple meshes.

Also note that if you apply a "recalculate normals" to the mesh with a low threshold angle (such as making sure there's no "smoothing" on models of buildings and other "sharp cornered" items), that Unity basically unwelds all the relevant vertices, thus something doubling the number of verts and sending the model over the 64K limit.

I had this happen with a high-detailed building that loaded just fine, but had shading/smoothing "errors." After "recalculating normals" with a 30 degree smoothing angle threshold, the model simply disappeared after clicking the Apply button! I had to remove the offending detail (pane dividers in several dozen windows) and use an image map instead.

Also, knowing this limitation (not Unity's fault, it OpenGL's), subsequent buildings with even more windows and other required details coming close to a 32K or so vert limit are split up into sections and saved as separate meshes. If left positioned relative to the "base" object, then it's a simple matter to place the base mesh, then parent the other parts to it and they all "snap" into perfect alignment. .

I can't think of a situation where you'd have to have 64k+ verts in a model without it being broken up. Anything that is saying it's a million polys is probably referring to the high-poly basis for normal maps on a lower poly version. The high poly version isn't actually being rendered in Unity.