Overhead performance spikes through the roof when I set Time.timesScale to 0.0

I’m testing some code and noticed that pausing/un-pausing my game causes a lock up.

While profiling, I notice that the second I set Time.timeScale to 0.0, the Overhead % spikes up to 98%, but if I set Time.timeScale to 0.000001, the overhead doesn’t raise at all.

I wondering if anyone had any ideas as what could cause this. (Please don’t suggest I just use 0.00001, that’s a hack)

Many thanks!

Overhead tracks the profiler itself, so it seems strange that pausing the game would degrade its performance. I don’t remember observing this sort of behavior, before.

First thing I’d check: is overhead actually taking more time/memory, or does it just look that way because one or more other modules are taking up less? Distinguishing absolute and relative changes can be extremely useful.