Overlapping Sound (Solved)

I've got a menu set up with a series of colored buttons. The game is for kids who can't read, so when they click a button a sound file plays with instructions.

I've got each button set up so that if the player repeatedly clicks on ONE of the buttons repeatedly, the playing sound stops and starts again from the beginning, so that the same sound doesn't play over itself.

However, if the player repeatedly clicks MORE THAN ONE button, by going quickly and repeatedly from one button to another, the sounds for each button play over one another. because they're kids, they are likely to do this!

Anyone please got any idea how I can prevent more than one sound being played at a time when they are activated from separate sources and from separate scripts?

Edit: This got a bit long so I moved it to the forum. Thanks to Jesse Anders and AkilaeTribe the Full working answer can be found at http://forum.unity3d.com/viewtopic.php?p=394860#394860

Another option would be to share one audio source between all the buttons. (There are various ways the buttons could acquire a reference to the audio source, but the easiest might be to find the 'audio source' game object by name or tag in the button script's Start() function.)

you can write some code like this for each button :

var audioSources[] : GameObject; // add all of your audio sources

if (GUILayout.Button("1")){
   for(eachAudio in audioSources)
   audio.clip = clip1;