overlapping UV on mobile


I am still learning here. My mobile app keeps crashing when I press play. Apart from the app crash notice, I also get a notice claiming that I have overlapping UV’s. Is that what is causing the crashes? If so, how do I fix this?

Thanks in advance.

This is all I have found.

There are 12 objects in the Scene with overlapping UV’s. Please see the details list below or use the ‘UV Overlap’ visualisation mode in the Scene View or Lightmaps in Lighting Settings for more information.

  • Door.Left: 147 texels
  • Door.Right: 101 texels
  • dfk_candleholder_04: 37 texels
  • dfk_candleholder_04 (1): 36 texels
  • Candle03 (2): 8 texels
  • Candle03 (2): 8 texels
  • Candle03: 8 texels
  • Candle03: 6 texels
  • Candle03 (1): 6 texels
  • Candle03 (1): 6 texels
  • Door.Latch: 6 texels
  • Padlock: 1 texels

Please see this webpage for more information about objects with overlapping UVs:

The webpage, however, is a bit outdated.