Overriding Default LWRP Terrain Shaders?

I’m having some trouble coming up with a non-intrusive way of overriding the default grass shaders for LWRP terrains.

Traditionally, we could just write our own shader and tag as with the hidden terrain shader

Shader "Hidden/TerrainEngine/Details/BillboardWavingDoublePass"
    // ...

but with the LWRP-equivalent:

Shader "Hidden/TerrainEngine/Details/LightweightPipeline/BillboardWavingDoublePass"
    // ...

This doesn’t seem to work, as the files defining the LWRP shaders are included in the project itself and seem to take priority over the contents of /Assets. We can go into /Library/PackageCache/<LWRP path> and modify them directly there, but this is a really clunky way of doing things – especially since /Library is usually excluded from version control.

Is there an easier way to override these default LWRP shaders?

Answering myself to hopefully save others.

By default, there’s a ScriptableObject called LightweightRenderPipelineEditorResources that keeps track of which Terrain Materials and Grass Shaders will be used.

Without a version of this object in your Assets Folder, it will always load the backup. That backup includes the default grass shaders.

To use your own shaders, you need a copy of that object in your Assets folder – it just needs to exist there, no assignment necessary. You will need your own version of that, so I’m attaching the default one for convenience.

[139431-lwrp-resource-asset.zip|139431] since you cannot shared *.asset files.

Once you have that, just drop in your custom grass shaders and you’re ready to go.

In my case, it was to allow bending:
alt text