Overwrite DepthNormalsTexture

Hello, i have a problem with vertex offset and SSAO.

The problem ground in curving the world, i’m offsetting all vertexes in the vertex part of the shader. But sins DepthNormalsTexture is written before the model shaders have run, the offset is not visseble on the DepthNormalsTexture, when my SSAO is taking information from the DepthNormalTexture, it gets informations about a uncurved world, and that displays my SSAO out of position.

Is there any way i can force my shaders to run before the DepthNormalTexture is written, or overwrite the texture ?

I’ve the same problem. As I know Unity uses shader replacement to write into DepthNormalTexture but it will not work correctly even if you just edit vertext positions in vertex shader, as in your case.
I think there should be some special pass to write into DepthNormalTexture. Same as ShadowCaster pass writes into DepthTexture. But it’s name is not mention in documentation.

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