Overwritten Augmented Reality Game on Android?

A few months ago we developed a virtual pet augmented reality game with Vuforia through Unity. A couple weeks ago we came up with another idea to create another augmented reality game. I created everything from scratch and did not use the last creation at all in the process. When I imported it to my phone, it overwrote the first game I made. Can anyone please help me and let me know what I may have done wrong? I don’t understand why something named entirely different overwrites something else. Thank you for your time.

It must be that you left the default application signing information, so you need to go into one project or the other, and change the name to something that is not default in the player settings.

Just go to “Edit” at the top, then “Project Settings”, then “Player”, and change the android settings for “Bundle Identifier” to be different, like com.MyGameCo.MyAwesomeGame and it should then let you have them both installed no problem.

Be sure to re-install the first game, then change the second game, or change both, and re-install them, removing the original install