(OVR) Can't assign Locomotion controller script's options.,(OVR) Cannot assign Character Controller & Player Controller in the Locomotion Controller script

Hello everyone, here’s my problem and cannot find an answer after several days.
I’m currently working on a VR project using a Oculus Quest and Oculus Integration; I create an empty object as a child of my OVRPlayerController, can assign Camera Rig as OVRCamera Rig, but for the 2 remaining options ( Character Controller & Player Controller ) I cannot choose an option, it’s completely empty.
I tried the same process on a completely different project, other Unity versions, and my problem still remains the same. Although I’ve tried it on another computer and I can assign correctly all the script blanks options.
Could it be an Unity parameter I’ve not checked yet or maybe a problem from Windows ?

Have a good day & Thanks !

@ECNantes I had this same problem and was able to fix it by going into the LocomotionController.CS file and un-commenting the public CharacterController CharacterController and public OVRPlayerController PlayerController and commenting out the //public CapsuleCollider CharacterController and public SimpleCapsuleWithStickMovement PlayerController. Not sure why they are switched by default but it worked for me.,

It works ! THANK YOU, a million times ! Such a weird bug.

Have a good day !