own dll from unity: works on w7 but not xp


I’ve made a dll that I need to access in Unity. This works fine on Windows 7 and Vista, but on XP the same unity build gets me the always so uninformative DLL Not Found exception.

I’ve stripped the dll of all extra dependencies, have installed the vcc redist on xp, copied the dll itself to system32 etc, but still the problem remains. Has anyone got any clue?

Some extra info:

  • The dll is built with Visual C++ 2005 express, using default settings (have to use this version because in the ‘real life’ version another dll depends on it)
  • Dependency walker doesn’t give issues, other than ieshims.dll and wer.dll, but that doesn’t seem to be an issue according to some google finds

I’m really out of ideas atm…

Someone else did find dependencies that I didn’t see, so I guess an XP virtual machine isn’t the best place to test these things, and/or dependency walker wasn’t reliable for some reason…