P4connect and Assembla server issues with Unity

I’m trying to use P4connect in Unity with Assembla but I’m getting this assert when trying to verify my server URI:

DllNotFoundException: p4bridge
Perforce.P4.P4Server…ctor (System.String server, System.String user, System.String pass, System.String ws_client) (at C:/p4client/perforce1666/dev/nmorse/p4-connect/src/P4Bridge/p4api.net/P4Server.cs:171)
Perforce.P4.Connection.Connect (Perforce.P4.Options options) (at C:/p4client/perforce1666/dev/nmorse/p4-connect/src/P4Bridge/p4api.net/Connection.cs:203)

I’m following the documentation here:


And using this as my server URI:


I’ve noticed that the only user feedback for this package in the asset store also mentions having this issue as well. Have others experienced this issue? Am I missing something? Does P4Connect just not currently work with Unity?

Note that I’m using Unity 4.5.5f1.

Any help is much appreciated!

p4connect 2.7 and up should work fine.

Please download the latest update from the Perforce workshop here:


Sometimes on windows you’ll get a DLL NOT FOUND exception unless you install the Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 redistributable pack available here:

P4Connect is open source and bugs are tracked on the workshop, to learn more explore the project page here:


I’m having the same issue on my Windows machine. I do not have the problem on my Mac. Hmm.

Perforce Support have confirmed a bug in the 2.5 version. You can roll back to 2.4 if you have access to it or wait until the new version (2.6) hits the asset store. It’s been uploaded already apparently, and support sent us a version which works a treat.