Package Manager Error on Unity 2019

Whenever I try to open Unity 2019 it just says “Package Manager Error”. The earlier versions work but every material is pink for the 2018 version


Unity Package Manager Diagnostics (v0.1.5)

Ran 7 checks

6 succeeded
1 failed

:white_check_mark: UPM registry reachable (PASS)
Make an HTTP request to the UPM package registry

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
X-Powered-By: Express
Provider: Genesis
Date: Fri, 15 May 2020 22:09:44 GMT
Connection: close

:white_check_mark: Ping UPM registry (PASS)
Measure the latency of the UPM package registry API

8 pings made in 5.313 seconds
Average latency: 105.55 ms
Minimum latency: 103.39 ms
Maximum latency: 109.61 ms
Standard deviation: 2.12

:white_check_mark: Ping UPM download (PASS)
Measure the latency of the UPM package download endpoint

8 pings made in 5.316 seconds
Average latency: 10.02 ms
Minimum latency: 9.74 ms
Maximum latency: 10.41 ms
Standard deviation: 0.26

:white_check_mark: UPM registry download speed (PASS)
Test the Internet connection using the UPM package registry

Measured speed to the UPM registry: 48.92 Megabits per second

:white_check_mark: (PASS)
Test the Internet connection using

Measured speed to the server: 49.00 Megabits per second

:white_check_mark: HTTP proxy environment variables (PASS)
Detect whether proxy-related environment variables are set (HTTP_PROXY, HTTPS_PROXY, ALL_PROXY, NO_PROXY, UNITY_PROXYSERVER, UNITY_NOPROXY)

Proxy support has been configured through the following environment variables:
UNITY_NOPROXY = localhost,

:x: UPM health check (FAIL)
Start the UPM process and call its health endpoint

Server exited unexpectedly. Exit code: 101


[2020-05-15T22:09:42.111Z][INFO] Opened report file ‘C:\ProgramData\Unity\UnityPackageManagerDiagnostics\diagnostic_report_15_05_2020_230940_61.txt’
[2020-05-15T22:09:42.112Z][INFO] Starting diagnostics
[2020-05-15T22:09:42.113Z][INFO][UpmRegistryReachable] Sending HEAD request to
[2020-05-15T22:09:42.594Z][INFO][PingUpmRegistry] Starting ping test on ‘
[2020-05-15T22:09:47.969Z][INFO][PingUpmDownload] Starting ping test on ‘
[2020-05-15T22:09:53.287Z][INFO][UpmRegistryDownloadSpeed] Starting speed test with UPM registry
[2020-05-15T22:10:01.828Z][INFO][UpmRegistryDownloadSpeed] Download: 48.92 Megabits per second
[2020-05-15T22:10:01.831Z][INFO][Speedtest.Net] Starting speed test with
[2020-05-15T22:10:12.781Z][INFO][Speedtest.Net] Download: 49.00 Megabits per second
[2020-05-15T22:10:12.782Z][INFO][Speedtest.Net] Upload: 15.63 Megabits per second
[2020-05-15T22:10:12.795Z][INFO][UpmHealthCheck] Starting health check
[2020-05-15T22:10:14.823Z][INFO] Finished diagnostics
[2020-05-15T22:10:14.835Z][INFO] Created report at ‘C:\ProgramData\Unity\UnityPackageManagerDiagnostics\diagnostic_report_15_05_2020_230940_61.txt’

I’m having the same problem @ReflixGames please let me know when you find an answer,I’m having the same probkem. Have you found an answer yet? @Eric5h5