paid request

hi i need help for my school work badly i suck at unity but i have to do my assignment which i do not know how to do so if some one can help me create a simple game with below critiea i would pay him USD 20 through pay pal make it simple remember its SIMPLE but fits the criteria cause i am a newbie to it thanks in advance

The Environment should include:

An opening scene inside a damaged spaceship which has crashed landed on an
unknown planet

The player has to find his way towards the back of the spaceship, through a closed
door, which will lead to the room with the exit door.

The room with the exit door is dark, the player has to find a way to turn on the lights
so that the payer can see the area and 4 other switches

The player has 4 switches which turn on and off, two of which must be on, and two
off to allow them to open the exit door. (This allows them to go outside into the
terrain level)

Once outside the space ship, you have to find 3 parts of the spaceship which you
have to bring back to the spacespce to power up and space ship so that you can
leave the planet

You player will die due to certain events

The scene should include at least 2 different particle effects

The scene should include water

The scene should include audio

You can create all the assets or obtain royalty free assets. (All assets used has to be
credited with the links)

All your assets should be textured

You must have comments on your scripts

You should include a simple user interface for your application

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