Paid Unity Pro Work for Someone who has Unity Free?

Can I get paid for doing Unity Pro work (scripts/assets/etc) that i do for someone who only has Unity Free? I am a individual that owns a legal copy of Unity Pro. They would be contracting with me for the work. Either I, if they request it, or they, will then sell the game for profit.

Wrote Unity Directly.. They said that, in general, they were happy I was getting paid for work done with Unity Pro. However, since I was using pro, they said that if the relationship was strictly me doing assets and scripting for the unity free using person, they had no problems. However, if I was also getting paid to perform Pro builds (cause those unlock splash screens) and/or if I was getting paid to be giving access to any Pro Features then I would run into the requirement that states that a team MUST be using same version because Unity would view building and using pro features for the free unity using person as a team working FOR me and Unity requires everyone on teams to be using the same version of the unity software, and in this case, since I am using unity pro, its the pro version that everyone must have.

So you aren't working as a part of the same team, eh? This sounds like a loophole in the system.

I believe, legally speaking, he can pay you to work for him. The stipulations as far as I know are that everyone on a team must have Unity Pro licenses.

Really, I believe this is an effort on Unity's part to let everyone know that they want money if you are serious about turning a profit. I don't think it's meant as a "We will sue the crap out of you if you find some way around this!"

In other words, I'm saying, if it makes a profit, great. He should buy Unity Pro with some of that money.

I can't imagine why not. Since anyone in the world can get Unity for free it would be the same as me using Unity Pro and contracting out a job to someone who doesn't have it at all. I could be mistaken but it seems reasonable that this would be the case.