Paint Brush size


I’ve a question about paint brush size.
When I want to paint some trees on my terrain my paint size (100) is okay, is a good scale. But when I want to paint the grass, with the same size (100), I’ve a big one, very big! And I’ve just few grass although my grass density is max !
My second problem is when I want to paint a way with my texture my paint brsuh is 1*1 but I’ve a big square

This square is 130 m long but I would like just 3m.
Some people have an idea?
I work with a big environnement. An island, 50km/50km. Represent on a Unity terrain 50 000 * 1800 * 50 000. My heighMap resolution is 4097,baseMap resolution 512, details resolution 1024 and detail per patch 128. I use Terrain Composer to make my Terrain. And Tom Terrain Tool to place my tree.
Thanks a lot in advance.

If you want to paint terrain textures more precisely (have a smaller paint brush square) you need to increase control texture resolution.

I know this is an old thread, but I’ve spent hours looking for a similar question that I could not find the answer to.

Click on your terrain, this should bring up the terrain tools in the inspector window. Click on the gear icon,
scroll down to control texture and adjust it from there.

I am working with real world terrains and have been trying to adjust it through the RWT settings, but when I changed my settings the said way above it finally allowed my paint brush to be a smaller size.

Again sorry for replying to a 4 year old thread but this is the first link on google so if others have this issue in the future perhaps they will be less frustrated and break less things, in their

game and real life, looking for an answer.