Painted trees are not acting as obstacles on navmesh

I have a regular size terrain (which is kind of a big map…),

after I have designed the terrain I’ve baked the navmesh and it looks fine.

After that I’ve painted tons of trees all over the map, the prefab tree has on it:

LOD group set to Cross Fade,

Capsule Collider,

and a Nav Mesh Obstacle components.

When I was done I noticed that they are not appearing as an obstacle on the navmesh.
But when I put myself a tree prefab on the scene it shows that the navmesh is recognizes it as an obstacle.

Any idea on how to fix it would help a lot!

In the end the purpose is to have a lot of animals roaming around the map,
which I already have and done but the just pass through trees at this point…

Same issue.