Parameter 'Hash XXXXXX' is controlled by a curve

Hi, I have an animation changing a float parameter of animator, on some frames.
When other player connects to server, I have a warning message for each player in the scene:

Parameter ‘Hash 968383911’ is controlled by a curve

I dont have problems and all works fine, but the spam in console dont likes me.
I tried with:

myNetworkAnimator.SetParameterAutoSend(indexOfParameter, false);

but doesnt works.
I dont change the value of parameter with any script.
Any idea how fix this?

Making an assumption as I am currently experiencing the same thing.
If you have animation clip curves modifying a parameter value but also try to modify that parameter through other means, this triggers the warning message above as the animation clip curve takes priority and so the system is informing you that other attempts to change the value won’t do anything.

Say if there is a float parameter called “HandIkWeight” that is modified by a curve in a GrabWeapon animation clip, if you attempt to set “HandIkWeight” via SetFloat(“HandleIkWeight”, 0.8f); it’ll throw that warning message up.

That’s what the problem seems like to me.