Parent and child object have same physics

I have a model of a statue, which I want to have physics, but its XYZ axles are messed up, and I had to use a parent object to make it have the correct axles.

Well, now I have the movement scripts on the parent object, which is a little ball in the center of the statue model, and the collisions in the statue model itself, including the rigidbody.

they move at the same time with the movement scripts I made, but if the moving statue hits a wall, and the parent object does not, they will get separated and it looks very stupid and makes the statue move weirdly.

Here’s the code I have now:

#pragma strict
	var Child = transform.Find("StatueModel");

function Update () {
	transform.position = Vector3(Child.position.x, Child.position.y, Child.position.z);

so… what now?

You have to make active any constraints on child object at rigidbody component. Freeze position and rotation X , Y , Z must active at rigidbody.