Parent child object swapping, javascript with GUI

Hi, I was wondering how I can swap a few game objects around with the parent/child method using javascript, while also using GUI to change the game objects around.

For example, I have a structure with a sphere, cylinder and a cube, and I was wondering how would I script it with javascript using GUI buttons to switch between the three objects?

little confused what you want

this might help

//fill ObjectList with the sphere, cylinder and cube
List<GameObject> ObjectList;
//this will be the a list of the names of each stored as a gui content to be 
//displayed on each button
List<GUIContent> BaseEditorObjectsList;
void Start()

		foreach(GameObject RawObject in ObjectsList)
			Temp =  RawObject;
			BaseEditorObjectsList.Add(new GUIContent(;

		Width = 100 * BaseEditorObjectsList.Count;
		Height = 30;
		ListScreenRect = new Rect(0,0,Width,Height);

	// Update is called once per frame
	void OnGUI()
		SelectedSpawnObject = GUI.SelectionGrid(ListScreenRect,SelectedSpawnObject,BaseEditorObjectsList.ToArray(),BaseEditorObjectsList.Count);
        //this will give you a function to retrieve the selected object
	public GameObject SpawnObject()
		return (GameObject) ObjectsList[SelectedSpawnObject];