Parent-child problems.

Hi guys!

So is it possible to make the parent follow the child? I just need the parent to center the object but all the other crap must be in the child, becouse of collider, rigidbody and so on. Any ideas?

I don’t understand the need for the parent, so it is hard for me to figure out a ‘right’ solution. Yes it is possible to write a bit of convoluted code to have the parent follow the child. The script on the parent might look like:

public var child : Transform;
private var offset : Vector3;

function Start() {
    offset = transform.position - child.position;

function LateUpdate() {
    transform.position = child.position + offset;
    child.localPosition = -offset;

But might I suggest that the better solution to this problem would be to have the child move the parent instead of moving itself.