Parent/Child rotation not working

So as per suggestions found in other threads I made a parent game object to rotate my child around. On it’s own the parent object has it’s own personal rotation pivot at it’s center but as soon as I add the child the pivot moves to the child’s center. First pic is prior to making the circle the parent, second picture is after adding the child. I want the vines to be able to rotate around the hedge with the circle as the pivot.



You most likely have set your editor into “center” handle mode instead of “pivot” mode. See this image.

You may also want to have a look at the documentation on how to positioning gameobjects. Note that the center / pivot button only changes where the editor will draw the handle. From code the object always rotates around it’s pivot.

I almost always use the mode “pivot” and “local”. The other modes may become useful in some situations but usually you want them to be pivot and local.