parent-child scale issue!

Hi Unity community!
I have added a child gameobject to the parent. Parent is rigidbody and moves in game. I have scaled the child according the speed of parent. There is another child to the child which is not scaled. But when parent (along with children) is moving then 2nd child is also scaling. I dont want to scale the 2nd child. Any help would be highly appreciated

the child takes on the parents attributes I find. learned this when I had my player parented to platform and once became the child of that platform the scaling really screwed up the players scaling. My guess is to have that scaled object not scaled. I do that by making the object the correct size in another3D program (Maya) and freeze its transfroms making whatever I scaled it to become the new default size ( scaled up from say 1 to 3 in size then freezing transforms makes it 1 again but keeps the new size) then import as .fbx

my method anyway…maybe there is a way to freeze or reset in Unity