Parent-child scaling problem (Solved)

So I have child objects that are essentially the same model and size of the parent, just different textures.

My problem is, when I instantiate a child from code, it uses its scale values as absolutes, BUT when I drag a child into the scene, it uses the scale relative to the parent ( (1,1,1) would be the same as parent ).

So if I have an object scaled x2, y10, z10, and the child with the exact same values, spawning the child with code gets be an object the size of (2,10,10), but dragging the child into the scene gets me an object the size of (4, 100, 100) and I have to manually reset the values.

The best way to fix this would be to make the code also use relative scaling, so I could just set the child’s scale to (1,1,1) everywhere. How would I go about doing this?

use transform.LossyScale to assign it back to original size.