Parent Problem

Personally, I have a big problem,

I am instantiating an object, and all good, instantiating normally, however when I put him in parent, it is in parent correctly, the problem is that it changes position.

Already tried:
// Sets “newParent” as the new parent of the player GameObject.
player.transform.SetParent (newParent);

And also I tried:
// Makes the GameObject “newParent” the parent of the GameObject “player”.
player.transform.parent = newParent.transform;

I can not understand what’s happening, because the biggest problem is it was working perfectly, and do not know what I modified.

Help me.

very personal,

not solved my problem, but I will try to do something, as we say here in Brazil, “make a kludge” what goes well I post here. I thank everyone and if anyone has any more idea can send.

I believe my prefab is wrong in some way, because when I put a cube zeroed in place, it works perfectly.