Parenting a prefab


I am trying to make a game like Frogger. When you jump on the log you move with log.

So I created a Prefab that's randomly being called and it move down the river.

My issue when I jump on the log, I get an error message saying :

Setting the parent of a transform which resides in a prefab is disabled to prevent data corruption. UnityEngine.Transform:set_parent(Transform)

Here is the code to Instantiate the prefab:

var prefab:Transform;
var Platform:Transform;

function appear () {

  var position = Vector3(Random.Range(74.4, 76.2), 2, Random.Range(-8,-7));

var Platform= Instantiate(prefab,position, Quaternion.identity);

Here is the Parenting Code it is on the Player, The prefab is tagged as Platform :

var myplatformSides:GameObject;

function OnControllerColliderHit(hit: ControllerColliderHit) {





Thank you

My guess is that you bind a prefab to "myplatformSides" and you use this prefab reference like a GameObject instance. I think you want to do something like:

function OnControllerColliderHit(hit: ControllerColliderHit) {
    if(hit.gameObject.tag == "Platform"){
        transform.parent = hit.gameObject.transform;
        transform.parent = null;

or can you explain for what you use the "myplatformSides" variable? Is it set to an instance of your prefab?