Parenting not working with massive force to rigidbody. Does having rigidbody on child screw things up?

Ok, so I have 3 objects a, b and c. a is a character, b is a hinge for a weapon and c is a weapon. c is a child of b and b is a child of a. When c hits the environment a massive force is applied to a’s rigid body, sending it flying. b and c are not following a as they should instead they are just sitting at the bottom of the environment. I don’t know why this is, can someone please help? Also, a, b and c have a rigidbody each. Does having a rigidbody on a child mess up how the parenting system works?

Yes, having a child object with a rigidbody (and no joints – just a rigidbody) is well-known to be no good for anything.

A regular object just sits there. If you make it a child of something, it moves/spins with the parent. If you give it a rigidbody, it moves/spins on it’s own. If you give it both, it doesn’t technically mess anything up – it follows both rules – but the result is an ugly mess. It moves completely on it’s own, adding any parent movement as non-physics.

The main thing, maybe, is the child object won’t get any of the parent’s velocity, since that isn’t the rule. When the parent goes up, it will pull the child up, but then the child’s rigidbody says “I’m in the air? How? Time to start falling.”