Parenting Rigidbody2Ds

Using unity 2017.1

I’ve got a weird issue. I’d love to be able to parent one Rigidbody2D to another, and this works perfectly. However, when the child has a collider (even if it isn’t colliding with anything), the movement of the parent doesn’t seem to transfer well to the movement of the child. Here’s a gif demonstrating the difference: the purple blob thing has a collider, the person wearing the tunic does not. Both are children of the boat. Thoughts?

Edit: this problem only exists when moving the parent with forces, changing the position directly works fine

This is because of its Rigidbody component. I suggest you either save a position it’s supposed to be in compared to its parents center and then translate it there every frame, or turn “Is Kinematic” off in the child’s properties.

I’d argue it’s acting correctly. Otherwise, you can also add a collider or try to add a surface with drag, and then it will travel accordingly. Be as it be, when you create a child to an object, it’s not connected by an invisible infinitely strong bond. The only way an object travels with its parent is because its reference frame is the parent. With physics, the reference frame is the whole scene, regardless of parenting, because objects with rigidbodies are in this parallel universe where physics happens.