Parenting without transform.rotation

Hello. Tell me please, how to make the object to inherit transform.position, but did not inherit transform.rotation.

Sorry for my bad English.

It inherits both position and rotation. You can’t turn one off, so you’re using code no matter what. In a case where you only want to “inherit” one, it seems easier to NOT child the object and move it my hand:

public Transform P; // my "parent", but not really

// alternate method#2:
public Vector3 parOffset; // how far from parent to be

void FixedUpdate() {
  // always 4 unit right of "parent":
  transform.position = P.position + P.right*4;

  // method#2:
  transform.position = P.position + P.TransformDirection(parOffset);

The code more-or-less does the positioning step that Unity does for you on childing.