Paritcle system sorting layer and order ignored

There have been quite a few questions about this, but none of the answers seem to work.

In my 2D Game I have multiple sorting layers like ground, vfx, characters and top environment.

I am instantiating particle systems and I want them to be rendered between ground and top, so I set the renderers sorting layer to be vfx. However this setting is ignored and the particle system is displayed behind all other objects despite the render settings.

I have tried to set the materials renderQueue value to a lower and higher value (defaults to 2450), but this does not show any changes either. When I change the position z-axis, it works but then the particles are displayed on top of everything and since it’s a 2D game I want to avoid doing this.

I am really lost on how to fix this behaviour since none else seems to have it.

What worked for me was changing the shader used for the material in the particle system to a sprite shader.

I don’t know how that impacts anything else… but at least I can adjust the sorting layer and have it work.

Same problem, sorting layers are ignored apparently. Whatever way it works, it’s way too complicated and unintuitive. Unity 2019.1.11

Find “Render” in the particle component and should be the layer system there to select from

I had the same problem and i realised that i was only changing the parent object’s sorting layer in renderer. Have you checked for the child object’s sorting layer too if you have any?