Parkour Game Help I need Help!!

ok people i’m creating a parkour game and i want to make it be like mirror’s edge
i liked this game…1)how to make my camera to be my character eyes(like when my character
roll the camera roll either if i perform side flip that the camera move side)that so the camera replace the eyes and be part of the character…2)where can i get side wall run
up wallrun animation …3)how do i make when i am close to the cube i need to press Z button and it will make an animation(not a single press and it preform…i mean when you close to that cube so than you can press a “Z” button and perform “WallRun”…and the last one.4)who can help me create a parkour map ill be thankful for your answering on all those questions above !!! Thank You Very Much

So you say that you are actually creating this? If you are in fact creating this what progress had been made when you asked this, or did you just have an idea for something that you thought would be fun to make?