parkour script help please

hello i am fairly new at scripting and very very bad at scripting i have very limited knowledge anyway i have been wanting to make a parkour script where if an object is at a certain height you can vault over it if not you can just jump i am making a third person shooter
kinda like army of two well thank you in advanced to anyone who helps.

Hey Frost,

It will be difficult for someone to answer your question in the way you’re hoping, because it is so general. Since you’ll need to learn more about scripting in order to finish your game, the best thing for you to do is probably to start with some tutorials. A good starting point is the Penelope tutorial, which guides you through the process of creating a 3D game where you can run around, jump, and collect lootz.

Here’s the link to the tutorial:

After you’ve completed this tutorial, you should have some of the the knowledge you need to begin creating your script. If specific issues arise that you’re not sure how to solve (compilation errors, specific problems with your scripts, etc), you’ll have an easier time getting answers at that point.