Parse Plugin - Update Object Doesn't Update

I’m trying to update my score on Parse following the tutorial. Every time I try and update it - it just creates a new entry, meaning the player now has two scores. Then I update again, then the user has three scores, etc. The tutorial says this:

// Create the object.
var gameScore = new ParseObject("GameScore")
    { "score", 1337 },
    { "playerName", "Sean Plott" },
    { "cheatMode", false },
    { "skills", new List<string> { "pwnage", "flying" } },
gameScore.SaveAsync().ContinueWith(t =>
    // Now let's update it with some new data.  In this case, only cheatMode
    // and score will get sent to the cloud.  playerName hasn't changed.
    gameScore["cheatMode"] = true;
    gameScore["score"] = 1338;

I assume it creates a new one is because this is all called when updating the score, meaning a new ‘gameScore’ is created too. But if I remove ‘var gameScore = new ParseObject("GameScore")’ I get an error saying ‘gameScore doesnt exist in current context’. So I need to define it - but if I do, it will just create a new Object, which completely defeats the purpose of this.

What am I missing here? Thanks

When you say new ParseObject(“GameScore”), it creates a new row entry in the GameScore class (table). If you want to update an existing one, you’ll need to first submit a query (see the docs) then use the resulting ParseObject returned from the query (or a list of them), and set the key/value pairs from that. In the example above, if you just want to have a single row for the duration of your game (i.e. add a new row for every game), you can just say "var gameScore = new ParseObject(“GameScore”) in a script’s Awake or Start method, and then update the key/value pairs whenever you want, calling SaveAsync() afterwards.

You only need the lambda expression when you want to do something extra after the async call is made. So really the example they give (the one posted here) is not very useful. You create an entry, set some values, then when it’s done loading to the server, you set more values and send it again. It would make more sense to display a modal popup when you start saving async and then remove the popup when the operation is complete, or any other number of things.

By the way, if you use parse analytics or push notifications for mobile, they simply don’t work with the Parse Unity plugin, and you have to implement them natively on the mobile. Just FYI.

I’m late for the party, but in case someone stumble upon this problem, here is what I did:

*// Retrive the ParseObject in Start();
*query = ParseObject.GetQuery (“HighScore”);
*query.GetAsync(“YourObjectId”).ContinueWith(t =>

  • scoreObj = t.Result;

*// At somewhere you want to update the value
*scoreObj.SaveAsync().ContinueWith(t =>

  • scoreObj[“score”] = 5;
  • scoreObj.SaveAsync();