Parseing Varible names from strings

So, I’m trying to make a universal level save system, that you just drag and drop into a scene. For the most part it works, but it was suggested that I open it up to a bit of customization and allow for expansion and custom elements to be saved…

My question is, how can I, when reading the save file, read a string then find a variable on a class by that name?
Heres some pseudo-code of what I hoped would work, but didn’t (as I despairingly expected…):

int Count=0;

string[] sSplit = (xmlValue[Count]).Split(":" [0]);
(GameObject.GetComponent<(Split[0])>()).(sSplit[1]) = float.Parse(sSplit[2]);

xmlValue is assigned earlier as a similar split delineated using commas, but my question isn’t about xml reading and writing, I know how to do that, its about that last line:

  1. Can I feed GetComponent<>() a string like I am?
  2. Can I then say Componenet.(String) like I am to access a variable? (I assume not)

If not, then how?

Can-o-worms I believe, but you should read into the MSDN under Reflection: Microsoft previous versions of technical documentation | Microsoft Learn