Parsing an odd string concatenation to float

Hello all,

I’m using c#.

I’m trying to parse out the floats on each side of the “w” from the following string.

Here is the string “10.3w20.5”

Want to have the floats available to use as floats in an equation.

I hope that makes sense …

float SplitFloatPair(string p_source, char p_splitChar)
string splitFloats = p_source.Split(p_splitChar);
float result = new float[2]{ 0.0f, 0.0f };
if(splitFloats != null && splitFloats.Length == 2)
float.TryParse(splitFloats[0], out result[0]);
float.TryParse(splitFloats[1], out result[1]);
return result;

Call with:

SplitFloatPair("10.3w20.5", 'w');