parsing csv file

i have a csv file in my resource folder which i need to read, anybody know how to do it? i tried resource.load textasset but it didnt work. What is a good workaround to that?

You can create a TextAsset by dragging a text file into your project.

Then you can drag it into the inspector to assign it to a public variable in your script:

/* public varialbe exposed in Inspector */

var myTextFile : TextAsset;

/* function that processes TextAsset */

function SomeFunction ()

  /* split the contents of the file into an array of pieces separated by commas */

  var stringArray = myTextFile.text.Split(","[0]);

  for ( var i = 0; i < stringArray.length; i ++ ) {

    print("I am element number " + i + ": " + stringArray*);* 
*<p>The argument passed to the String.Split function is a hacky way of specifying a single character in UnityScript.  </p>*
*<p><strong>","[0]</strong> represents the 0th element of the one character String ",".  As far as I know you can only use a character (not a String) to tokenize a string in Unity's version of Javascript.</p>*
*<p>In other words, it's something like this:</p>*
 *var theInputString = "Hello, world, I, like, commas...";*
 *var theToken = ",";*
 *var theArray = theInputString.Split(theToken[0]);*
 _/* output would be 5 */_
*<p>You probably want to split your file by newline characters to process it line by line.  Then you would split each line by commas to process the data.</p>*

Any reason you have it in the Resources folder? Typically you'd just do:

var myTextFile : TextAsset;

as a public variable, then drag'n'drop.