Parsing Error?

Here is the error I’m getting. “Assets/Scripts/DeathAnimation.cs(3,12): error CS8025: Parsing error”

This is the code

#pragma strict
private var frames : Texture[];
private var count : float;
private var currentFrame = 100.0f;
private var current = "Frame100";

function Start () {
count = 0.0f;

function Update () {
	if(count >= 20.0f){
		current = "Frame" + currentFrame;
		renderer.material.mainTexture = Resources.Load(current);
		currentFrame = currentFrame + 1;
		count = 0.0f;
	} else {
		count = count + 1;

I’ve tried a couple things, renaming variables, declaring them elsewhere. I’ve checked all my brackets and they seem to be lined up. Anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

Well, if the error really points to this file it’s quite obvious:

You have UnityScript code in a C# file. You probably want to name the file “DeathAnimation.js” and not “DeathAnimation.cs”. You can not change the file extension in Unity so you have to change it in the explorer / finder, or create a new “Javascript” script, copy the code into the new file and delete the old one.