Parsing error

Hey guys not sure where im going wrong with this code

    void  Question ( Vector2 pos ,   string q ,   string a ,   string b ,   string c ,   string d ,   int correct   ){
       questionText = q;
       answers[0]   = a;
       answers[1]   = b;
       answers[2]   = c;
       answers[3]   = d;
       int st= "ABCD";
       for (int i= 0; i < answers.Length; i++) {
         displayAnswers <em>= st_+": "+answers*;*_</em> 


correctAnswerIndex = correct;
correctAnswer = "Correct answer: " + answers[correct];


Figuring out errors without all the code and the actual error message is difficult. A significant percentage of the time a parsing error results from either an extra ‘}’ or a missing ‘}’ at the end of the file. As for this code, the only problem I see is line 8. You’ve set the type to ‘int’ when it is a string variable:

string st = "ABCD";