Parsing of Localization smart strings errors in build only

Hello there,
When I build an apk for Android (Quest), I have these "Error parsing string" errors for some smart strings. I don't get them when I play in the editor and I don't get them when I build for other platforms either. I tried to rebuild the addressables, and also to change the Bundle Name Mode to "Append Hash to Filename" because I had read that it could help, but nothing did the trick.


Any idea?

The error is with the var variable. Can you try replacing it with a string variable and see if the issue still happens? It looks something is wrong with the persistent variable.
Can you write a script tp print the value out in the player, and see if the variable has gone missing or if its gone null?

Apparently on this platform we were missing this. We just added it again and it's now fixed!

That strange. I would expect it to not work on all platforms if that's missing.
Are you able to file a bug report so we can look into it?