Particle Collision between particles

Hello there, I’m using Particle system to emit projectiles (i.e fireballs) but I don’t know how to handle collision between two projectiles if they cross each other, is it even possible? Is “OnParticleCollision” gonna work with another particles? If yes then how should I reference them? Please help, thanks :slight_smile: I did a little bit research but couldn’t find anything what could help me out with this one.

OnParticleCollision() doesn’t work with particles colliding particles. I guess you can figure out the rest.

One thing though, particles colliding with colliders must have isTrigger NOT checked. Or else, that won’t work.

I have a video for setting up OnParticleCollision():

Use it to set up whatever you can think of.

Won’t Trail Renderer work for this purpose? You just need to find the right sprite for the trail.