Particle collision for Shuriken

Hi All,

Im trying to get messages to spheres which are hit by a particle system which is attached to a cube prefab (Unity 4.1.5f1).

I have enabled the world collider within the particle system.

I tried several ways like

void OnParticlesCollision(GameObject collision){

print ("luck (prefab_testing)");

but Im getting no messages. I have read in several threads that maybe from 4.2 on (April this year) it should have been supported.

Is there any way to solve this?

Best wishes and many thanks


testandi, you have to upgrade to unity 4.2. As you said it’s a unity 4.2 feature–being on unity 4.1 will mean it’s not there.

The world particle collider is a feature of the legacy particle system and does not work with Shuriken. If you don’t want to upgrade to 4.2 you will have to use the “old” particle system.

When you upgrade to 4.2, in the inspector under the “Collision” section of a Shuriken system you will see “Planes” change this to “World” and check the box “Send Collision Messages”. Then you could carry on with your code as you were intending.