Particle Collision not detected

I am using particle system to create a regular grid and then detect collisions between a world object and the particles in the grid. So the particle system is not emitting particles, I just use SetParticles to create the grid. I found a good post on how to create the grid (this post), but now Unity does not detect collisions. I tried explicitly calling ParticleSystem.Play(), but that does not make a difference.

To make sure it is not related to the detection script I created a comparison particle system that emits particles using a default cone, enabled collisions on that one, with the same settings (World and a specific layer for the objects to collide with) and attached the same script to this system. And for this system it works fine.

Any ideas on this?

i have solved by detecting that whether the specific gameobject has Rigidbody or its parent(the object on which you want to detect) it wont work. idk why, but when i removed the rigidbody it started to detect. plus make sure you have “send Collision messages”- ticked in particle collision properties.