Particle Collision / Trigger not being reported to On_xx Event

I'm running this code:

var weaponOne : ParticleEmitter;
var puffOne : ParticleEmitter;

function OnTriggerEnter (weaponOne) {

    var clone = Instantiate(puffOne, transform.position, Quaternion.identity);
    clone.emit = true;

This is on a particle system (bullets) that hits a rigidbody, and I want it to spawn another particle system at the same place (poofs).

I've also tried OnCollisionEnter and OnParticleCollision, but I think the Trigger would be best, perhaps. I was under the impression that OnParticleCollision, that works best on rigidbodies trying to detect whether they're being hit by a particle, i.e. so that it knows to be damaged.

So far, the Debug text doesn't even appear in the Console log, so I'm pretty much at wit's end on this issue. TIA!

A particle system can't be a trigger; it will only generate OnParticleCollision events. OnParticleCollision doesn't have collision location information'd be better off raycasting and using particles as visual elements only.