Particle collision with a rigidbody. Adding explosive force?

I’m having some trouble adding an explosive force (as in pushing rigidbodies) to a particle system.

The main idea

The particle effect is part of an RPG type ability timed with the animation.

A ring type particle system (player centered) is emitted in a certain radius(achieved);

To give a nice dynamic effect, I had the idea that the particle system (in-game ability graphics) should be more than just graphics and interact with the world around it, playing with collisions and forces.

An example would be: A box is placed in the center of a small area, area that is in the radius of the ability, the ability is activated and the box , and or other dynamic objects in the blast radius, are pushed.

The Logical Procedure

  • Making a Script that include all particles (only) in that particle
    system in an array.

  • Attaching a collider to each particle in the array.

  • Detecting collision between the particles and rigidbodies and applying the specified force to the objects, like an explosion effect that pushes everything around in its blast radius.

Now figuring this out was the easy part (even if i’m missing some logical steps, if so , my mistake sorry ), but the thing is: isn’t this some how simplified in Unity ?

I mean i read about the Rigidbody.AddExplosionForce but I’m still missing something, if you have done something similar and can point me into the right direction please do :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

Check out detonator its free, and comes with a ton of explosions with the physics built in. If that wont work then let me know.