particle collision

So i have been messing around with particle system, and I have turned on the collision as you can see in the picture: 124883-collision.png

For the most part the collision is destroying the particles but some how some of the particles magically make it threw the object (and yes the object has a mesh collider)

I have tried diffrent kill speeds that doesnt seem to help min on 0 and max speed on 99999 and so on.
I tried with bounce on and off dampen on and off nothing seems to make a diffrence.
And if particles are make it threw the object that also means some of them wont be caught in the script with

void OnParticleCollision(GameObject other) {

does the Shape Module cone overlap the cube? If so, maybe the particles that start inside the cube (the top of the cone) never receive a collision event?

What happens if you make sure there is no overlap?

Okay i have figured out the problem!

Right now i can use particle speed of 130 without a problem!

The problem is that collision check happens with the fixed update function, and the update doesn’t happen often enough.

Because it doesn’t happen that often the particle can fly threw the object without the collision being detected so to give unity a change of detecting the collision we need to change 2 values.

The settings that we change to do this can be found at :

Edit → settings (or project settings) → Time
This is how it looks normally.

The 2 values that i changed fixed timestep and maximum particle timestep (the particle time step cant be lower than fixed timestep so that is why we have to change both, for particle system the maximum particle timestep is important!)
With these settings it works for me (less speed means you can probably use lower numbers and higher speeds means you need even more updates so it might be good to test / tweak it for your own project)

@richardkettlewell since you are the person that seems to know a lot about this might be useful info for you aswell since i see your answering a lot about this topic