Particle colors?

Hello. How can I make it so that every time a particle effect is instantiated, the colors in the particle animator are different? Here is the code I have been trying to use.

function Update () {
     Particle.color =  Color(Random.Range(0, 255), Random.Range(0, 255), Random.Range(0, 255), 1);

Ok you want something like this:

function Start () {
     renderer.material.SetColor("_TintColor",Color(Random.value, Random.value, Random.value, 1));

Note I have not tested this in unity so if there are any errors please comment :)

You have to set all colors at the same time (or at least you did in 2.6 when I wrote this) Maybe you don't even need to use modifiedColors

function particleColors (colors: Color[])
    var panim = GetComponent(ParticleAnimator);
    var modifiedColors : Color[] = panim.colorAnimation;

    for (var i = from; i <= to; i++)
        modifiedColors _= colors*;*_
 _*panim.colorAnimation = modifiedColors;*_