Particle effect don't show in the game view

So I tried to add this rain effect on my scene all good until I want to test it. In the scene view the particle effect is visible but when I go in game view there is no effect. This is my particle system:

If I make a new project and I tried to place a particle effect it can be seen on the scene. In my current project I have a canvas with a button on it, I am not sure if this can affect my game.

Animated is an object which have a collider which interact with the particles. Canvas contain a button which trigger an animation for the object from above.

You need to check the materials used in your particle system to see if they are using URP/Particles/Lit shader or not. If they are “Unlit”, then this is what is causing the problem. When they are unlit, the particle system will become invisible to the camera.
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