Particle Effect (Shuriken) mesh emitter how to?

Here’s what I want to do:

  1. Place a GameObject in a scene with a mesh.
  2. Add a shuriken particle system and have it use the exact mesh in the scene (including scale, position, etc) as the emitter.

More specifically, I am trying to use shuriken to create a sparkle effect on the surface of an object. I’ve done similar things on other platforms.

When I try to do this in Unity I don’t see a way to associate my mesh in the world with the emitter. When I set the emitter shape mesh from the project window it just uses the default values from there.

Would greatly appreciate a step by step guide to how to do this and/or an example of someone using a mesh shape emitter with Shuriken. Thanks in advance!

This might not be directly relevant to meshes and Shuriken, but I’ve just stumbled across this great tutorial on scripting the shuriken system. Since I’ve run across a lot of questions on this because of the questions that I’ve had, I’m linking it here.

Hope you find it useful.